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Question #40860 posted on 11/17/2007 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

1. Is it just me, or has BYU become more "liberalized" over the past few years?

2. I checked out the Mormon "blogosphere" for the first time today. Is it just me, or do most LDS bloggers take a more liberal approach to the gospel compared to the mainstream -- or have I just not had enough exposure to said "blogosphere"?

3. Does anyone else think that the word "blog" sounds utterly undignified?

- Soon-to-graduate conservative RM who still parts his hair missionary-style

A: Dear Conservative Poster Boy:

1. If Board writers are any indication, I might say yes. Compare answers by The Captain or FCSM to those by twice marked or Cognoscente, for example, and I think you will see a much less conservative tone.

2. Yes, again, I would say so. A blog like Times and Seasons is more conservative than, say, By Common Consent or Feminist Mormon Housewives.

Is this a problem to you? Do you perhaps feel like bbell, that "the bloggernaccle and the 'mainstream T[emple] R[ecommend] holders' have a disconnect"? I think the conservative types would do well to bear in mind that you can be liberal and be a good member in full standing; the liberals among us should remember that not all conservatives are mindless automatons.

3. Oh, it's sort of silly, but it's an interesting example of portmanteau + clipping.

As far as I understand it, parting your hair (shudders) is no longer required of missionaries. You don't have to require it of yourself if you don't want to . . .

Maybe all this liberalizing and portmanteauing all stems from the fact that BYU invited Harry Reid to campus, that BYU-Idaho changed its curfew hours, and that girls can now wear jeans. I, for one, am shocked, not to mention appalled. [Note: that was sarcasm.]

A: Dear s-t-gcRMwsphhm-s,

1. I don't know that I'd agree. Portia's correct that the Board has lost some diehard conservatives in The Captain and Pa Grape, but we've gained conservative writers such as Castle in the Sky.

Even if BYU has become more liberal, the Church is still much more conservative than mainstream America and even more conservative than a lot of Christian churches. (And BYU is arguably more conservative / orthodox than the Church, at large.)

2. I agree with Portia, that the most popular Mormon blogs are more liberal than the mainstream Church. However, I think that's because people who are positioning themselves against the mainstream tend to have a lot more to say than those who basically agree with it. Even within a given blog (such as T&S), the posts which are controversial get a lot more responses than the ones which aren't.

If you're looking for more conservative blogs, check out A Prayer of Faith or Feast upon the Word.

3. I don't have a problem with it.

- Katya