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Question #412 posted on 07/01/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
What's an otter-pop?
- The person who doesn?t know what a otter-pop is

A: Dear deprived otter-pop person,
An otter-pop is like a frozen slushee shoved into a plastic wrapper approximately an inch wide, half an inch deep, and about a foot long. Good stuff. Cut it open with scissors (or your teeth, whatever works) and enjoy! You can buy them in any grocery store; when you purchase them they're nothing but liquid, but put them in the freezer and they'll turn into themselves! Cool! They can also make good defense mechanisms should you ever involve yourself in an otter-pop war. Just make sure they aren't directly out of the freezer, because that could cause some serious freezer burn on skin.
- I love otter-pops, especially the Watermelon kind

A: Dear person,

You have lived a deprived life.

--Der Berliner