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Question #4141 posted on 03/15/2004 12:03 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I heard at a church i went to in hurricane over the presiden't day weekend that there was a church musical going on in the conference center in march sometime. What do you know about this?


A: Dear NKOTB,
Here are the activities on the Church calendar during March:

March 4 Tabernacle Choir Rehearsal
5 Temple Square - Albert Mamriev
6 Temple Square - BYU Concert Choir
10 Temple Square - Music Teachers Winners'
12 Temple Square - Orchestra of Sandy City
13 Temple Square - Salt Lake Symphonic Winds
19 Temple Square - BYU Singers
20 Orchestra at Temple Square Spring Concert
24 Temple Square - Honors Piano Recital
26 Temple Square - SLCC Combined Choirs
31 Temple Square - UVSC Chamber Choir

- Scout