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Question #4144 posted on 03/15/2004 12:03 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Is there a reasonable explanation for why people in the East hang their laundry out to dry, while people here (where it is less humid and their clothes would dry much more quickly) do not? Would everyone save a lot of money on their electricity (and potentially reduce energy costs across the board) by not using their dryers during the warmer months of the year?

Puzzled from PA

A: Dear Puzzled,
I'm an east coast boy, and I've never really seen people hang their clothes out to dry much. But if you think about it, a very dry climate creates a lot of dust, which is never good for clothes drying on the line. I've dried my clothes on the line before in an arrid place, and if a wind blows, they get all gritty and gross. So it's a good idea, but the dust would throw a monkey wrench in your plans.