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Question #41466 posted on 12/14/2007 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I'd like to address one of my many problems with this next question. I have two female friends, and I am torn between the two. One is very good looking, but isn't my type (personality-wise), and the other has an amazing personality (just my kinda girl), but isn't all that attractive.

So my question is this: At what point do I start lowering my standards in girls?

Because let's be honest here, I have yet to find a girl that is both, hot AND my type (intelligent, independent, good sense of humor, and a little rebellious). It seems as if I'm stuck with one or the other.

- Hodag

A: Look Hotdog,

You're going to have to find a girl that meets both of those qualifications. Don't mess with some girls' heads by dating them if it isn't going to work out. You already know that you aren't attracted physically and the other mentally. So stop pausing at these girls who you know it isn't going to work with and just keep on looking.

-The Cheeky Chickie
A: Methinks the gentleman is shallow too much.

-Queen Gertrude
A: Dear Thinks He's Hot Stuff:

Let's be honest here: human beings have a lot more worth than the points on your scorecard, and I hope both these girls find better guys to date than you.

Dark Chocolate
A: Dear Hodag,

The real question is not at what point you start lowering your standards in girls, but at what point they will lower their standards enough to date you.

Besides, people always become more attractive to you as you give them a chance and consider the possibility of a relationship with them. If you just rule girls out all the time, it's going to be pretty hard for that to ever happen.

A: Dear,

Aww, there are a lot of angry writers, there. I'm sorry. I agree with the basic facts, though--don't date either girl. There are plenty of people out there who could work for you. Just because you haven't found one yet doesn't mean they aren't out there. And you'll need someone that you find attractive inside and out--you'd be doing a disservice to them and to yourself by feeling like you only got half of what you wanted.

There are things you can settle in, but physical attraction and compatibility are two things you should have, in my book. Hold out for that. And make sure you're not stringing these girls along. Let them both go, and go meet some new people.

Because let's be honest here, the world is full of lots of people, and there are lots of hot girls who are intelligent, independant, have a good sense of humor, and are a little rebellious. Heck, I bet there are even ones out there looking for someone like you. Trying to convince me that the no one in the whole female sex can be both attractive and have a personality just won't work. I already know it's a lie. Either you're bitter right now and have abandoned all reason, or you don't know many girls. So go meet lots of new girls. You won't like them all, but I promise, you'll like some. And if you're lucky, you'll find one that likes you back sooner rather than later.

But sooner or later, I bet it will work out. Don't worry so much.

-songs of inexperience