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Question #41473 posted on 12/14/2007 3:01 a.m.

Hello 100 hour board!!

I am a student that is coming up as a freshmen to The Y or to The I in about 28ish weeks. But my wonderful older sister attends Idaho & says that whenever she visits The Y, she feels that she is at a meat market. & at Idaho, it is "not like that." She also says that "it is super stressful at The Y." But isn't college supposed to be stressful? Aren't you supposed to work hard?

But then, my friend Missy*[name changed to protect the innocent] is at her first year at The I & the first thing her very first professor said was "Welcome to BYU I DO!"

Why should I go to The Y?
Why should I go to The I?

What is the percentage of students getting married at both schools?

Thank You!


A: Dear Arienette,

Well, it's a bit tricky to find statistics for the number of students that get married, but it's much easier to find the numbers for the students that are married. According to BYU-Idaho's Official Enrollment Statistics, 26% of students are married. And according to BYU's Demographics...26% are married. Interesting. I've heard people go back and forth on this, with some diehard BYU-Idaho fans arguing that your odds of getting married there are much higher. Now I can tell them there isn't any significant difference.

For the rest of your question, Dragon Lady nicely summed up arguments for and against each school in Board Question #34742.

—Laser Jock