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Dear 100 Hour Board,

Personally I think one of the greatest sitcoms EVER was The Cosby Show. Although I realize most of you are significantly younger than myself, I'm sure you have seen the reruns. For birthdays and Christmas I have been getting season sets. I truly think the older shows are much better than the new ones - like when Theo goes to college. I love when Clair gets fiesty with her kiddos and Cliff tries to tame her. What is your favorite episode?
- Texas Housewife

A: Dear Texas Housewife,

I'm old enough to have watched The Cosby Show when it was first aired. (I'm a little younger than "Rudi.") I think that my favorite episode was the "battle of the sexes" one where they were arguing about whether or not to hire a stripper for Martin's bachelor party.

- Katya
A: Dear Texas

I have the first four seasons on DVD. Classic stuff. Though I'm still waiting for whatever season has the episode where the men are all pregnant. I vividly recall that one from my childhood. I also enjoy the episode when Theo gets his ear pierced, when Bill and an old college buddy get super-competitive playing a game outdoors in zero degree weather, and the one where the kids all put on a musical performance for their grandparent's anniversary.

Mrs. Master is prone to the episode where Theo is cocky about handling the real world, and he comes back to find his room emptied out and the house converted to the real world. The whole family have roles to play, and Rudy as the mean old lady is classic. She also enjoys the episode where Rudy's goldfish dies, and the scene when Bill has to try to remove Rudy's winter clothes and ends up swinging her around by her sock. Heh, that is a classic scene.

-Humble Master