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Question #41486 posted on 12/17/2007 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I know you have determined that an individual can decide for themselves not to see The Golden Compass. However, do you think that ward leaders should tell us not to see it? It was not my ward leaders so I didn't break an commandments by watching it. But it seems to me that there are worse movies out there (i.e. Blades of Glory, Meet the Fockers, Titanic...) which are all PG-13. There just seems to be some inconsistency when stating which movies we should watch and which ones we should not. I saw the movie and it is not atheist. I am reading the books for myself to see what they hold, however the first book so far is not atheist. What are your opinions?

-I am not going to get made at someone who decides not to see it, but will get upset if someone claims I am an apostate for seeing the movie because their Relief Society president told them they shouldn't.

A: Dear Reader,

My feeling is that bishops and stake presidents have the right to counsel their congregations in specific matters such as this, but they will have to be accountable for the way that they exercise their stewardship in such matters.

Likewise, it is our responsibility to carefully weigh the counsel of such authorities, but we are ultimately judged on our own actions and our own understanding of right and wrong, and I think there's danger both in the extremes of following such counsel too blindly and in ignoring everything that doesn't come straight from the prophet.

The fact that not every bishop or stake president is warning against this movie suggests to me that there is no consensus on whether or not it is evil or harmful. However, the fact that some religious leaders are warning against it would give me pause, at least, and cause me to reexamine my criteria for determining what is and isn't uplifting media.

- Katya