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Question #41500 posted on 12/17/2007 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I can't recall a specific instance in the past few months where the Board writers had an opportunity to comment on their political views. Do any of you like to keep up with politics? And, regardless of whether or not you do or not, who do you support for president and why?

- Political News Junkie

A: Hey junkie,

I'm for whoever Chuck Norris is for. Period.

Don't cross me. Or Chuck.

Double White Lines
A: Dear Junkie-

I semi-follow politics. Usually when it's something important.

That said, the presidential race started ridiculously early, and I'm either cynical or realistic (depending on who you ask) enough to believe that I'm not going to be able to make any appreciable difference this early in the game. None of the candidates are my personal favorite yet, so I'm not going to campaign for anyone, and I have no funds to donate anyway. I don't really see a point in choosing a candidate until the primaries are underway and all the losers drop out. When it gets to the point that there's a final decision to make, I'll invest the time and effort to make one.

I do lean heavily to the right, but all I ask of myself or anyone on either side is to vote for your own personal reasons, not just because of someone's party or religion (cough). As long as people actually think about it, rather than following like sheep, I can live with what comes.

That Chuck Norris ad is sweet, though.

A: Dear junkie,

I love politics, and I've been keeping up on the news for months. I grew up Republican but I've starting thinking more libertarian in the last few years. That said,

I'd vote for Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, or Barack Obama, in that order. I like their character and ideas, and though I disagree with a lot of Obama's policy ideas, I respect and admire him as a capable man with integrity. I like Richardson as well, if only he had a prayer of winning. And so help me, I can't help but like Kucinich. I disagree with him on almost every single issue, but I love his passion and integrity, and he's ability to make fun of himself (he's been on the Colbert Report more than once). Plus he's got a drop-dead gorgeous wife! Hooray for hot first ladies!

I haven't made my mind up about Huckabee yet. I don't agree with him 100%, but he'd be a decent replacement for Romney.

I'd be much more hesitant to vote for Guliani (corrupt), McCain (old and out of touch), Thompson (ill defined by his campaign), Edwards (fake), or any of the other third tier candidates. Character is more important to me in this election than a potential president passing a party orthodoxy test.

I absolutely will not vote for Hillary, under any circumstances. If there was ever a candidate that combined a horrible track record of corruption, an abysmal vision of government, and a frightening personality complex and lack of charisma... it's this woman. ABC, people. Anyone But Clinton. It would be disastrous if she made it past the primaries. Thank heavens, she's slipping in the polls and her once indomitable lead is non-existent now.

My dream would be to see Obama vs. Romney in the general election. Two bright, effective, charismatic, honest men debating the issues. We wouldn't have to vote for the lesser of two evils! Wouldn't THAT be nice?