"Chocolate is not junk food. It is emotional health food." - Dragon Lady
Question #41523 posted on 12/17/2007 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What's the best hot chocolate brand?

I prefer Stephens.

-Baby It's Cold Outside...

A: Dear ummm... Baby ~

As much as I love Stephens, I prefer Ovaltine. Mostly because I feel healthier when drinking it. "More Ovaltine, please!" That said, I've mostly only had Stephens this cold season.

Actually...oooohh. My favorite is homemade. Mix 2 tsp. sugar with 1 tsp. cocoa. Add a tiny bit of water. Just enough to make a paste. Fill your cup with milk. Microwave until hot. Typically 60-90 seconds. Mmmmm... Heaven.

~ Dragon Lady
A: Dear baby,

I like Cadbury Drinking Chocolate. But I'm fairly confident that if I ever tried this, it would be my new favourite.

A: Dear Cold Outside,

Between Nestlé, Godiva, and Stephen's, I prefer the latter.

- Katya
A: Dear Dino,

Maybe I'm just missing something, but Stephen's hot chocolate just doesn't taste very good to me. In fact, no matter how much powder I add, it just never satisfies what I'm looking for in a cup of hot chocolate.

I'm with DL. Make your own. I do about the same thing she does, but with a shot of vanilla. Mmmmm. If you need to make more than one cup, just use this recipe.

Ooh, or buy the Abuelita chocolate and make a good cup of Mexican-style hot chocolate. So good.

What's that, you say? You want just a scoopable powder you can mix into hot water? Gotcha covered there too with Claudio's Mom's Deluxe Hot Chocolate Mix (patent pending). It's made as follows:

1 pound of each of the following (or any equal weight proportion):

Powdered sugar
Powdered milk
Non-dairy creamer (in the coffee section)
Nestle Nesquik

Put in a container and shake to combine. Store in an airtight container (ziplock, tupperware, etc). Mix 1/3 of a cup into a mug of hot water. Perfect.


A: Dear Make it worth your while,

I like all kinds of warm and sweet things! My personal favorite for the past two years has been Stephen's Holiday special: Italian Amaretto. It's only $2.68/lb at Walmart. Mmm mmmm mmmm!!! Enjoy!

A: Dear Singer:

I like Stephen's. Even better was some dark hot cocoa I had that was from Seattle, and the best is Hediard (as seen on page 9 in the brown can). Mmm, French chocolate. As an aside, hot cocoa mix is actually a really good thing to bring back from a foreign country. No risk of melting or breaking.

About my senior year, my mom observed that it seemed like hot chocolate was another food group for me. I am a fan.