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Question #41530 posted on 12/28/2007 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Does eating poorly help you become sick more quickly? I have been accused of having poor eating habits, and therefore easily becoming sick. However, I have only become sick once this semester (well, this year, actually), and that was when my brother was nice enough to share his strep throat with me on Thanksgiving. Any thoughts?

- Scallion #1

A: Dear Scallion #1,

Eating poorly doesn't necessarily mean you will get sick more quickly but it usually means you have a harder time combating the virus, bacteria, parasite, etc. once you do get sick. Your body needs enough energy from the calories you eat and the right kind of nutrients in the right amounts to function at top level. I could go on and on about the nutrients your body needs to help your immune system and body functions work properly but you asked for thoughts, not facts. And there you have it.

- steen