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Question #41541 posted on 12/17/2007 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Are there any acceptable, non-creepy-type ways for a cute boy to strike up a converstion with a cute girl with whom he has absolutely no prior connection? This counts mutual friends, classes (even if they didn't talk), parent's distant friend's estranged family... Ok, maybe that last one's ok. But you get my gist. Also, what kind of situations work for this (besides parties, dances, etc.)? I can guess obviously not while she's talking to someone else, but are there other things that one might do during daytime in public which should absolutely never be inturrupted by a stranger with a quick wit and a dashing smile?

Um... Nevermind about the quick wit...

A: Dear,

Maybe I'm hard to creep out, but I'm fine with you just pausing as you pass them, and saying "hey, I think I remember you from ________. What was your name? I'm SloWit. Gosh, that ________ was really something, huh?" Chat a little, and if it gets awkward, move on, if it's not too bad, keep chatting. This works basically anywhere you're both at, and talking is permitted. Starting a conversation (even with a stranger!) isn't a forbidden thing, not matter what gender you're talking to. Sure, it may be a little intimidating to do, but the other person doesn't know that, they're assuming you're just a friendly outgoing person who does it all the time. Or at least, they'll assume it if you act like it's a casual thing, and not a creepy come-on. And watch--if they're looking like they feel uncomfortable with being approached by a veritable stranger, or just busy with what they were doing, say it was good to see them/meet them, and take off. But if they set aside what they were up to and look interested in chatting for a bit, try to get a good conversation going, and have fun with your new friend.

You should not do this if she's placing the last card on an elaborate stacked house of cards.
Or in the middle of a freestyle rap battle.
Or kissing someone.
Or just a couple seconds away from Nirvana.
Or weeping bitterly.
Or frothing at the mouth.
Or looking desperate and holding a machine gun.
Or sleeping.
Or being tended to by paramedics.
Or under a vow of silence.
Or in such a hurry her legs are all wheeled up like the Road Runner.
Or at the pivotal point in a suspenseful film.
Or performing open-heart surgery.
Or praying.
Or having a duel.
Or lecturing the local wildlife on the importance of clean living.
Or dealing drugs.
Or doing the gallon challenge.
Or trying to sell real Rolex watches for a dollar each.
Or impersonating Elvis.
Or running from a hive of bees, or worse yet, covered in bees.

-songs of inexperience
A: nevermind -

the above responses are sound, but don't be too surprised if she ends up thinking you're a little creepy anyway. you don't mean any harm, but there are enough weird people out there that she's justified in exercising caution. don't expect anyone to read your mind.


- ghost