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Question #41566 posted on 12/17/2007 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

This is pretty random, but I was just thinking about a situation from one of my classes a while back. This is at BYU, by the way.

We had pretty hefty projects in these classes, and it was common for students to pull multiple all-nighters and literally spend days in the labs trying to get things done on time, usually the week before. Leaving school only to eat...man, I don't miss those days.

On the due date for one particular project (it was a Monday), one student approached the professor and said that he did not finish because he couldn't get it all done on Saturday. Finishing it would require him to do homework on Sunday, and he believed that was out of harmony with church teachings.

The professor simply said that he did not interpret church teachings to say that homework was a violation of Sabbath observance, and the student would be deducted for late work.

Who is right?

-Sides with the teacher, but not necessarily his response

A: Dear Sides,

It doesn't matter. The assignment was assigned, and expected to be turned in on time. Assuming the assignment was assigned on a Friday, then not doing it on Sunday makes it equivalent to being assigned on any other day of the week (for most classes): Day Assigned -> Day of no class -> Day assignment is due. The student's argument holds absolutely no water.

A: Dear Sides with the teacher-

Obstreperous though he may be, I'm with werf on this one. And the professor, and you, I suppose. Especially if this is a project given with advance notice and a good amount of time to finish it, the Sabbath is no excuse. I can see someone not wanting to do their work on Sunday, but I'm also willing to bet there were other days it could have been worked on.

It's due when it's due. Doesn't matter if that's right after the Sabbath or not.