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Question #41808 posted on 12/29/2007 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I was told yesterday by a guy I work with that there is a speed above which the police won't chase a motorcycle just to give them a speeding ticket. He said the reason for this is the person on the bike could press charges for attempted murder. Now, I can see how maybe in the intrest of safety, they might let someone go, but I find it rather hard to believe, especially the attempted murder bit... Is there any truth to any part of this? If so, how fast would the motorcycle have to be going?

Bemused Co-worker

A: Dear smirk,

I couldn't find any direct reference to the attempted murder charge, but I did find this study that states:
We surveyed law enforcement officials, departments, and organizations in all of the states. Based on the very limited responses, the problem of motorcyclists speeding and riding on sidewalks does not appear to be uncommon. Many of the responding departments, like Hartford, have a "no pursuit" policy. Others have very restrictive policies that allow pursuits only under clearly defined circumstances. The departments most often cite, as the rationale for the prohibition or restriction: (1) liability issues and litigation costs and (2) the danger that pursuits pose to the public and police officers.
So yes, litigation is definitely a factor they consider, but I seriously doubt attempted murder is high on their list of worries. The rules would be different within each police department, so I couldn't give you a specific speed, if it exists at all. I know for a fact that some police will chase motorcycles, however, because I have a brother that has been pursued and caught and pursued and gotten away. He also has been in situations where the cop didn't even bother trying, because there was no way the cop could have turned around or caught up fast enough.

As for whether or not the attempted murder charges would hold up in court, I would have to give it a pretty slim chance. The police and the courts are pretty buddy-buddy and it's not like the motorcyclist has to flee. It's werf's choice to endanger werfself.

-=Optimus Prime=-