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Dear 100 Hour Board,
There's an email circulating about one of the hymns sung at Pres. Hinckley's funeral, "What is This Thing Called Death?" The email says that Janice Kapp Perry's niece was dying and she wrote to Pres. Hinckley asking for permission to use his poem in her funeral program. After the niece's funeral JKP decided to put the hymn to music, and the MoTab directors just learned of it 5 days before Pres. Hinckley's funeral and so asked her for the music so they could perform it. Is this true? It doesn't sound like it, especially with the dying niece component. Thanks.

- Anonymous

A: Dear Anonymous ~

Clicking on this link will download the pdf of the story and the music that Janice Kapp Perry gave to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir office, with permission to forward it on.

Yes, the story is true. Assuming that you got the same email that I got three times.

~ Dragon Lady