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Question #43265 posted on 03/04/2008 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What's a list of 100 events in world history that everyone should know?

(Wars, Discoveries, Creations, Events, Governments etc.)

- International Enquirer

A: Dear Enquirer,

OK, a few disclaimers:

A) I'm doing this off the top of my head.
B) I am in NO WAY a history buff.
C) This will probably be fairly Euro-/American-centric, not because I'm a racist or don't appreciate Eastern culture, but because I am ignorant.
D) These will be in no particular order, since I'm just typing as they come to me.
E) I owe a whole lot of the credit for this to my wife, who willingly paused her movie for over an hour to help me out.

Now then!

1. The birth of Christ
2. The Crusades
3. The creation of Hammurabi's code
4. The Exodus
5. Bombing of Pearl Harbor
6. Bombing of Hiroshima
7. Moon landing
8. Restoration of the Gospel
9. Martin Luther nails up his 95 Theses
10. The Beatles release Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
11. Salk develops the polio vaccine
12. Columbus discovers the New World
13. Vikings do it first
14. Edison invents the incandescent light bulb
15. Bell invents the phone
16. War of the Roses
17. The Magna Carta
18. The American Revolution
19. Joan of Arc leads the French
20. Ghandi goes on a hunger strike for peace
21. Marco Polo visits China
22. Commodore Matthew Perry (no, not the guy from Friends) opens Japan to the West
23. The Wright Brothers fly at Kittyhawk
24. While Lennon reads a book on Marx, the quartet practices in the park.
25. Elvis swings his hips on national television.
26. Mohammad writes the Qur'an.
27. Julius Caesar is assassinated.
28. Nero burns Rome (and blames the Christians).
29. Constantine has a vision and is converted to Christianity.
30. Plato writes The Republic
31. Gutenburg invents removable type.
32. Da Vinci paints the Mona Lisa.
33. Hitler invades Poland.
34. The Black Plague eliminates one-third of Europe's population and one-half of China's population.
35. The fall of the Berlin Wall.
36. The Constitution of the United States is written and ratified.
37. Louis Pasteur invents pasteurization.
38. Wal-Mart becomes the largest corporation on Earth.
39. Rhett Butler doesn't give a damn.
40. The first slaves are brought to the Americas.
41. Henry Ford makes the Model T.
42. Star Wars is released.
43. Shakespeare writes Hamlet.
44. Athens establishes democracy.
45. The Great Wall of China is built.
46. The invention of the steam engine.
47. The Book of Mormon is published.
48. September 11, 2001.
49. November 5, 1955: the invention of the Flux Capacitor by Dr. Emmett Brown.
50. Sputnik orbits the earth.
51. The first organ transplant.
52. Napoleon declares himself emperor.
53. Super Mario Brothers is released
54. Michelangelo paints the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
55. William Wallace leads the Scots. They fought like warrior-poets, and they won their freedom.
56. The pocketwatch is invented.
57. Magellan circumnavigates the globe.
58. The apple falls on Isaac Newton, who goes on to virtually create modern physics and mathematics.
59. Henry VIII leaves the Catholic Church, forming the Anglican Church.
60. The Great Schism splits the Catholic Church.
61. The Russian Revolution and execution of the Czar.
62. Marx writes The Manifesto of the Communist Party.
63. The Vietnam War.
64. Louis Armstrong brings jazz out of obscurity.
65. D-Day.
66. I Love Lucy goes on the air.
67. The Olympics are celebrated again in modern times.
68. The telegraph is invented.
69. Einstein develops the theory of relativity.
70. Copernicus proposes a heliocentric model of the solar system.
71. Galileo supports and furthers Copernicus' theories.
72. Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
73. The apartheid in South Africa.
74. Cortez systematically eliminates the Aztec empire.
75. Mao Tse-Tung ascends to power.
76. The flushing toilet is invented. It is later popularized by Thomas Crapper.
77. Discovery of the Rosetta Stone.
78. Watson and Crick discover DNA.
79. Mendel publishes his discoveries about genetics.
80. Marconi invents the radio.
81. Jerusalem falls to the Romans.
82. Alexander the Great takes over most of the known world.
83. The PC becomes available for household use.
84. For some reason, Stonehenge is built.
85. Beethoven conducts his Ninth Symphony.
86. Ruth Wakefield invents the chocolate chip cookie.
87. The invention of the rifle.
88. The Godfather makes us an offer we can't refuse.
89. Film photography is developed.
90. The domestication of horses.
91. Walt Disney releases Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
92. Superman appears in Action Comics #1.
93. The Tale of Genji is written in Japan and is considered the first written novel.
94. Mozart composes his Requiem.
95. The invention of penicillin.
96. Eli Whitney invents the cotton gin.
97. Charles Dickens writes Great Expectations.
98. Women got the right to vote.
99. Ray Kroc takes over McDonald's.
100. The Beatles appear on the Ed Sullivan Show
101. Grog invents the alphabet.

For more information, listen to "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel. It at least takes care of about fifty years.

A: Dear International,

I haven't read Claudio's list, there may be some overlap, and mine isn't a terribly serious list:

100. Hillel the Elder invents the sandwich (nope, it wasn't the Earl of Sandwich, he just enjoyed the meal because he could continue playing cards while eating it).
99. Joss Whedon creates the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series, which is so much better than the previously made movie
98. Walt Disney creates Mickey Mouse, and discovers that a simple combination of three circles makes people oddly happy
97. The Chinese invent toilet paper sometime in the sixth century, for which we should all be grateful. Forever.
96. The concept of zero is developed by the Babylonians (try to imagine math without zero)
95. Sputnik orbits the Earth, which leads to a great plot in Toy Story 2
94. The first dime novel is published in the 19th century, and early mass entertainment begins in earnest
93. The Nintendo Wii changes the way video games will be played from here on out, and moves couches further from TVs than ever before
92. The internet is created by Al Gore, or was it?
91. The Superman movie is made in 1978, and Hollywood discovers that superheroes can make profitable movies (a fact they forgot for awhile after Batman and Robin and before X-Men)
90. The first television remote control is made in 1950, and men everywhere rejoiced. It was lost in the couch cushions minutes into the first test.
89. Danny Ainge makes his legendary full court run against Notre Dame in 1981 during the NCAA Tournament...such a classic moment in BYU sports.
88. The commercial with the old lady saying "I've fallen and I can't get up" unintentionally creates one of the most oft used punchlines in history
87. William Henry Harrison campaigns with the phrase "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too" in 1840, creating the first political slogan, a trend which continues to this day
86. Steven Spielberg directs Jaws in 1975, which gives birth to the summer blockbuster film as we know it today
85. A typo produces the phrase "Pwned" for the first time, without this event who knows what direction internet trash talking may have taken
84. Star Trek premieres on television in 1966, and science fiction would never be the same again
83. The disposable diaper is invented (I still wonder how many diapers were washed in history)
82. Inspired by the disposable diaper, a man (and it must have been a man) invents The Stadium Pal
81. Jim Henson creates the Muppets (is anyone else hoping another Muppet movies gets made soon?)
80. goes online, and movie goers can get the critical consensus about a film in a glance
79. Harry Potter inspires midnight openings in books stores where impressionable children stay up late to get a book and read it voraciously...that's a great thing if you think about it
78. Max Hall completes a pass on fourth and eighteen to Austin Collie to keep BYU's hopes alive, and leads the Cougars on a game-winning last minute drive against Utah in 2007...I still get chills watching that footage
77. Batman Begins is produced and begins to wash away the memory of Batman and Robin
76. The printing press is created, without which #77 would have been impossible
75. Snoopy and Charlie Brown are created by Charles Schulz
74. MASH goes off the air, the most watched event in television history
73. Pixar releases Toy Story, accidentally killing traditional animation
72. Deodorant is invented
71. Rudy is released in theaters and induces mass man-crying across the nation the likes of which had not been seen since Brian's Song aired on television
70. The wheel is invented, this one seems important
69. The Atari is introduced (Space Invaders...such a classic game)
68. It is discovered that Milli Vanilli did not sing their own's still shocking to this day
67. The Writers' Strike ends and Pushing Daisies can go back into production
66. Star Wars premieres, leading to debates about which is better, Star Trek or Star Wars, which still rage to this day (oddly, the recent entries into each franchises canon seem to have been desperately trying to avoid being called the better franchise)
65. ESPN begins broadcasting sports 24 hours a day, and men wonder why they didn't know professional bowlers by name before
64. The Macarena is recognized to be ridiculous by a large percentage of people, a vocal minority had been screaming this fact since the dance began
63. Dragon Lady writes the Board Horror Story (still one of my favorite answers ever)
62. The Mythbusters prove that you can't beat a bloodhound by backtracking over your trail or slogging through a river (who hasn't wondered that?)
61. The toilet is invented. Maybe this should be higher on this list...
60. The Death of Superman is published, leading to such large amounts of speculative purchases of comic books that it begins a trend that cripples the industry
59. The number of cable channels finally allows for the creation of The Golf Channel, which America has been clamoring for since never
58. Dave Barry's column makes people laugh weekly (not weakly, if anything it made them laugh heartily weekly)
57. The cell phone is invented to be used in case of an emergency...that original purpose is forgotten the day the prototype enters within reach of a teenage girl
56. Bigfoot is spotted on Mars, thus explaining the difficulty in locating him here on Earth
55. The Lord of the Rings film trilogy is completed, and everyone involved fights over the billions of dollars it made instead of making more movies to make more billions of dollars
54. "Your mom is so fat jokes" are finally recognized to have ceased being funny
53. The dryer is invented, taking precious jobs from the sun
52. Grog invents the alphabet
51. Bugs Bunny is created (which leads to Marvin the Martian being created...he's one of my favorites)
50. Bobblehead dolls are invented, which seem to fascinate the simple-minded
49. McDonald's makes fast food possible
48. The eagle is chosen as the national bird instead of the turkey
47. dedicates itself to proving those ridiculous email forwards false
46. Several scholars team together to publish a paper on "An Analysis of the Forces Required to Drag Sheep over Various Surfaces"...there is nothing that needs to be said after the name of that actual scholarly study to make it any funnier
45. The mullet is declared a fashion faux pas, but far too late if you ask me
44. The oreo is invented, mmmmm creamy center
43. Youtube is created, a playground where parodies, copyrighted material, and amateurs try to get to know one another and have fun
42. Dave Letterman reads his first Top 10 List, which oddly fails to have the funniest joke at number 1
41. In car navigation devices, or magical compasses of wonder and awe, are invented
40. Sesame Street premieres, and stay at home parents are thankful
39. Natty Bumpo begins America's love affair with outsiders who fight to protect society, a trend that continues throughout American popular culture with cowboys, hard-nosed detectives, pulp heroes, comic book heroes, and government agents (such as Jack Baurer)
38. The laptop is invented, forever transforming the manner in which students pass time during boring lectures from doodling to mindless chats full of acronyms
37. Penicillin is discovered, which, incidentally, could kill me if it ever entered my system
36. The fork is invented (how did people eat spaghetti before that?)
35. The Florida Marlins introduce plus-size male cheerleaders, The Manatees
34. The Beatles appear on Ed Sullivan, it changed music and television.
33. The Red Sox win the world series, and Bostonians instantly replace New Yorkers as the most annoying sports fans, a feat once thought as impossible as the Red Sox winning it all
32. The mail system is implemented. Think about, you put a piece of paper in a box, and it appears in a box hundreds or thousands of miles away. It's like magic.
31. The Onion begins satirizing the news media and current events, and imitators abound
30. "The Effect of Country Music on Suicide" is published, answering questions we always wondered
29. The fainting couch is invented. If not for the invention of the corset this piece of furniture would never have existed
28. Americans are told that the country is officially obese while sitting on the couch watching the evening news and eating take out food
27. Batman is created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, and comics will never be the same again
26. The Simpsons goes on the air and is one of the sharpest satires in television history (sadly it stays on the air long after that sharpness has dulled)
25. Plato's cave is translated for modern audiences in the form of The Matrix
24. WWI and WWII force all of the talented European directors to Hollywood and the crippling of the European film industry leads to American dominance in the global film market which has not waned to this day
23. Twenty-four hour news channels discover they don't have twenty four hours of breaking news at approximately hour number three of their existence, and shortly shift to a format involving talking heads screaming at each other about nothing (soon, the trashy daytime talk show format popularized by Jerry Springer disappears...there may be a connection there)
22. Shortly after his acquittal, OJ Simpson vows to track down the real killer of his wife, and spends the next several years looking closely in golf course sand traps around the country just in case they're hiding there
21. The mtn is picked up by Dish Network, and still nobody can watch Mountain West Sports since the conference refused ESPN's admittedly laughable contract offer
20. American Idol proves that Americans will watch something besides criminal investigation shows, generally unfunny sitcoms, and prime time soap operas in the evenings (the other networks still don't know what to do about it)
19. The discovery that herrings communicate by farting...I wonder if one gender is better than the other at this form of communication
18. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby create the X-Men, leading directly to the subject of my dissertation
17. John Beck completes "The Answered Prayer" to Johnny Harline to beat Utah at the last second in 2006...more goosebumps
16. The twinkie is invented, and that is an item for food storage which will never ever go bad
15. The year after Boise State provides one of the most entertaining games in the history of sports as the BCS buster in college football, Hawaii provides one of the most boring and embarrassing games in the history of sports as the BCS buster
14. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby publish the first issue Fantastic Four, introducing the Marvel universe and changing the way an entire medium is considered
13. Eye of the Tiger is written, and high school athletes across the nation have a new song to listen to when getting pumped up for their next sporting event
12. Dancing is discovered to have originated in the outer ring of the seventh hub of hell (to this day high school dances come closest to matching the original ideal the devil had in mind when devising dancing)
11. Stan Lee and Steve Ditko create Spider-Man, crafting one of the most perfect origin stories in only twenty pages
10. The Industrial Revolution gives rise to a middle class with leisure time and a disposable income, as well as the means for mass production, all of which lead a popular culture, or entertainment for the masses, which never existed before
9. BYU, after trailing 45-25 with four minutes left in the game, comes back to win the 1980 Holiday Bowl, now called the Miracle Bowl
8. Calvin and Hobbes are created by Bill Watterson, and sadly he retired after only ten years...
7. The first issue of Action Comics featuring Superman is published in 1938, written by Jerry Siegel and drawn by Joe Schuster...largely unrecognized giants in American popular culture history
6. In 2005 the humorous Ig Nobel Prizes award the following: "Literature - Presented to the Internet entrepreneurs of Nigeria, for creating and then using e-mail to distribute a bold series of short stories, thus introducing millions of readers to a cast of rich characters — General Sani Abacha, Mrs. Mariam Sanni Abacha, Barrister Jon A Mbeki Esq., and others — each of whom requires just a small amount of expense money so as to obtain access to the great wealth to which they are entitled and which they would like to share with the kind person who assists them."
5. Every American over 18 is awarded the right to vote, approximately 5 percent of them will exercise that right regularly
4. Somebody, probably you, has actually just about completed reading two lists of 100 items, congratulations on the noteworthy achievement
3. BYU wins a national championship in football in 1984, a feat impossible in today's BCS system
2. The 100 Hour Board goes online, without that development this list would never exist...that's meta...
1. God creates the universe. God did it. Deal with it, Darwin.

-Humble Master
A: Dear Tabloid:

I will present this in the form of ten important events in ten categories.

Pre-Civil War American History (Thank you, this site, for the next three.)
1325: Aztecs build Tenochtitlan
1492: Columbus lands in Bahamas
1607: Jamestown founded
1692: Witchcraft trials begin in Salem
1776: Declaration of Independence
1787: Constitutional Convention
1804: Lewis & Clark Expedition
1820: Missouri Compromise
1849: California gold rush
1860: Lincoln elected president

American History: Civil War to World War II
1861: Confederacy formed
1865: Thirteenth Amendment ends slavery
1898: U.S.S. Maine sinks, igniting the Spanish-American War
1917: U.S. declares war on Germany
1919: Treaty of Versailles
1920: Women can vote
1927: Lindbergh flies solo across the Atlantic
1929: Stock Market Crash
1930: Hawley-Smoot Tariff (You will probably only appreciate this if you're a Dave Barry fan.)
1941: Japan attacks Pearl Harbor

Post-War American History
1945: Hiroshima
1954: Brown v. Board of Education ends segregation in schools
1963: President Kennedy assassinated
1965: Troops sent to Vietnam
1969: American astronauts land on the moon
1974: Nixon resigns
1981: IBM PC introduced
1989: Berlin Wall falls
2001: World Trade Center attacks
2003: U.S. enters Iraq war

French History (I haven't learned it so many times to not include it!)
58-51 BC: Caesar's Gallic Wars
768-814 Charlemagne is great
814-40: Louis the Pious is pious
1337-1443: The Hundred Years' War last 106 years
1643-1715: Louis XIV kills people he doesn't like
1774-present: The people kill Louix they don't like
1815: In a notable break with tradition, Napoleon's 100 days actually last 100 days
1968, 2006, etc., etc.: Student riots
2003: "French Military Victories" becomes an enjoyable prank
2007: Sarkozy elected; Americans who think that France is just some crazy-liberal stronghold are confused

Christian History (Got help from here.)
c. 4 BC: Jesus is born
c. 29 AD: Jesus is crucified and rises again
c. 32 AD: Stephen is stoned
64: Nero blames fires in Rome on Christians
c. 312: Constantine converted to Christianity
325: Nicene Creed, whence the doctrine of the Trinity (though I encourage you to look at the original form and its later additions: it's interesting)
early 400s: Vulgate Bible published in Latin, the lingua franca of the time
1517: Martin Luther nails ninety-five theses to the door of the Wittenburg church
1527: Henry VIII asks for an annulment of his marriage, which soon leads to the establishment of the Church of England
1611: King James Bible published
1950: C.S. Lewis publishes The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Latter-Day Saint History
1820: Joseph Smith's first vision of God the Father and his Son
1830: Church established
1837-1841: Apostolic missions to British Isles
1844: Martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith
1847: Saints arrive in the Salt Lake Valley
1893: Salt Lake Temple dedicated
1929: First airing of Music and the Spoken Word
1978: Priesthood extended to all worthy male members
1996: Church membership passes 10 million
2000: 100th temple dedicated in Boston, Massachusetts

Music History
1500 BC: Trumpet invented
900s: Gregorian chant notation
1685: Bach born
c. 1700: Piano invented
1824: Beethoven's Ninth Symphony written
1831: Chopin wrote his Revolutionary Etude
1877: First phonograph
1892: The Nutcracker composed
1965: Beatles release their single "Yesterday"
2001: First iPod

Random Events That I Know Off the Top of My Head
600 BC: One of many times Jerusalem is sacked
c. 1600: Shakespeare is at the peak of his playwright career
1850: University of Deseret established
1875: Brigham Young Academy established
late 1940s: Haute Couture begins
1984: BYU football is top in the nation
1988: Portia is born
1998: Titanic is wildly popular
2000: World fails to end
2003: The Postal Service releases Give Up

Things That Didn't Happen, but Should Have
398 BC: Plato hosts a Bacchanalian festival in the Parthenon
1794: That elusive Scarlet Pimpernel successfully gets away
1807: Napoleon voted "Sexiest Man Alive"
1817: Jane Austen's novel, Pregnant and Peevish: the Misadventures of Mrs. Elizabeth Darcy, is published
1920: William Howard Taft does the Charleston
1960: Kennedy gets a big zit before the debate with Nixon
2007: In a heated message board debate, Bill Gates gets Rickrolled
2008: The world is astounded when the presidential race is a three-way tie between Ron Paul, Ralph Nader, and Mike Gravel. Congress steps in
2017: Portia lands the role of Cosette in a production of Les Misérables
2023: MySpace dies a violent death

100 Hour Board History
1995: The Board begins
1998: The Board is resurrected
2004: Readers can make accounts; the interface changes
March 2005: The Board becomes hosted by the linguistics society
Summer 2006: The Board moves to NewsNet
March 2007: The Great Modesty Debate of '07
Also March 2007: The readers' message board begins
December 2007: Castle in the Sky and The Defenestrator break the 100 Hour Board dating curse
February 2008: Yellow and Dragon Lady pass 1000 questions answered
2056: Board 5.0 becomes a reality

A: Dear IE,

1)????BC—Creation of the Universe
2)2700BC—Bristlecone Pine known as Methuselah germinates.
3)~1792BC—Hammurabi comes to power in Babylon, creates one of the first written laws known
4)1630BC—Hyksos conquor Egypt
5)1184BC—Fall of Troy
6)~500BC—Lao Tsu, founder of Taoism, born
7)399BC—Socrates Dies after setting the foundation for Western Philosophy
8)323BC—Alexander the Great dies after conquering most of the known world
9)~300BC—Euclid's Elements written
10)44BC—Julius Caesar assassinated
11)~29-19BC—Virgil's Aeneid

12)1-33—Life and mortal ministry of Jesus the Christ

13)610—Muhammad Begins the Qur'an
14)1066—Norman Conquest of Britain
15)1095—Pope Urban II calls for the Crusades
16)1206—Genghis Khan begins creation of largest land empire in history
17)1215—Magna Carta signed
18)1271—Marco Polo begins travels to Asia
19)1273—Thomas Aquinas's Summa theologica
20)1300s—Renaissance begins in Italy
21)1347—Bubonic plague (Black Death) spreads in Europe
22)1387—Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
23)1399—Tamerlane begins last great conquest
24)1421 Joan of Arc martyred
25)1438—Incan Empire formed in Peru
26)1455—Gutenberg's movable-type printing press produces the Bible
27)1492—Columbus reaches the New World
28)1509—Michelangelo begins painting Sistine Chapel
29)1517—Martin Luther initiates the Reformation
30)1522—Magellan's expedition circumnavigates the globe
31)1543—Copernicus postulates a heliocentric universe
32)1582—Pope Gregory XIII reforms calendar
33)1603—Shakespeare's Hamlet
34)1605—Cervantes's Don Quixote, first modern novel
35)1609—Galileo makes first astronomical observations with a telescope
36)1637—Descartes publishes Discours de la méthode
37)1643—Taj Mahal completed
38)1664—Newton's theory of universal gravitation
39)1667—Milton's Paradise Lost
40)1684—Leibniz's calculus published
41)1690—Locke's Essay Concerning Human Understanding
42)1721—Bach completes the Brandenburg Concertos
43)1755—Johnson's Dictionary of the English Language
44)1760—Industrial Revolution begins in England
45)1762—Rousseau's The Social Contract
46)1764—Mozart (aged eight) writes first symphony
47)1769—Watt patents first practical steam engine
48)1776—Adam Smith 's Wealth of Nations
49)1776—U.S. Declaration of Independence
50)1792—Wollstonecraft's Vindication of the Rights of Woman
51)1796—Jenner discovers smallpox vaccine
52)1808—Beethoven's Fifth Symphony
53)1815—Battle of Waterloo crushes Napoleon
54)1819—Bolívar defeats Spanish forces at Boyacá
55)1826—Niepce takes first photograph
56)1830—Joseph Smith publishes The Book of Mormon
57)1842—Long uses first anesthetic (ether)
58)1859—Lenoir builds first practical internal-combustion engine
59)1859—Darwin's On the Origin of Species
60)1862—Pasteur's experiments lead to germ theory
61)1876—Bell patents the telephone
62)1879—Edison invents electric light
63)1893—New Zealand becomes first country in the world to grant women the right to vote
64)1895—Lumiére brothers introduce motion pictures
65)1895—Marconi sends first radio signals
66)1900—Freud's Interpretation of Dreams
67)1903—Wright brothers fly first motorized airplane
68)1905—Einstein announces theory of relativity
69)1907—Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon introduces cubism
70)1911—Rutherford discovers structure of atom
71)1913—Ford develops first moving assembly line
72)1914—World War I begins
73)1917—Lenin leads the Bolshevik Revolution
74)1918—Global "Spanish flu" epidemic
75)1922—Joyce's Ulysses published
76)1927—Farnsworth demonstrates working model of a television
77)1928—Fleming discovers penicillin
78)1929—Hubble proposes theory of expanding universe
79)1929—Black Tuesday, U.S. stock market crash begins depression
80)1936—Keynes' The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money
81)1939—Hitler invades Poland - World War II begins
82)1942—Nazi leaders at Wannsee Conference coordinate "final solution to the Jewish question"
83)1945—Atomic bombs are dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
84)1945—first electronic computer, ENIAC built
85)1946—First meeting of U.N. General Assembly
86)1946—Churchill's "Iron Curtain" speech marks beginning of cold war
87)1947—Gandhi's civil disobedience movement leads to an independent India
88)1949—Communist victory in China under Mao Zedong
89)1953—Watson, Crick, and Franklin discover DNA's structure
90)1954—Brown v. Board of Education begins unraveling of U.S. racial segregation
91)1957—Russia launches first satellite, Sputnik I
92)1969—Armstrong and Aldrin walk on the Moon
93)1980—Smallpox eradicated
94)1981—Scientists identify AIDS
95)1989—Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe
96)1991—Breakup of Soviet Union
97)1991—Apartheid ends in South Africa
98)1994—Andrew Wiles proves Fermat's Last Theorem
99)1997—Dolly the sheep cloned in England
100)2001—September 11th bombings in New York City

Hold fast to the way of antiquity
In order to keep in control the realm of today.
The ability to know the beginning of antiquity
Is called the thread running through the way. (XIV, 15-18)