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Question #4368 posted on 03/22/2004 12:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

When you upload a picture/graphic, oftentimes it comes up on the screen smaller than it actually is so that it doesn't take so long to upload. Then you have the option of making it the normal size by pressing on a button with arrows pointing in four directions that appears in the bottom right on the picture. Sometimes when you move your pointer to click on the button, it disappears. It feels like you're playing a game with it because it disappears and reappears at will. What is this about?

- I wish I knew more about computers

A: Dear you wish you knew more,

The resize button will disappear so that you can see the entire image. If you want it to reappear, you basically have to play with it until it comes back - I believe if you hold your mouse in the lower right hand corner (where it would be if it were there), it will show up.

- Rufus