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Question #44129 posted on 04/03/2008 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

A while ago my dad served in a bishopric of a student ward of a local university. Since there are 100's of student wards in the provo area ( I think anyways, I could be wrong) how does the Provo area keep up with the demand for bishops and counselors? Are there a lack of men in family wards in the area?

- Just curious

A: Dear Curious,

For precisely this reason, BYU student stakes draw their leadership from both local Provo stake leaders and other designated "feeder" stakes in the Utah Valley. This spreads out the impact so that no one stake takes an extraordinarily strong hit. The local stakes do still feel the loss, as members called to serve in BYU wards are generally strong members, but the loss is much less than it was before the feeder system was implemented.

A: Dear jc,

They also use students from the married BYU wards as second and sometimes first counselors in the singles wards.

-=Optimus Prime=-