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Question #4426 posted on 03/25/2004 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I'm thinking of becoming an American Heritage TA. Do you know anything about becoming one, and if it is a good job?

- Penniless Historian (is that redundant?)

A: Dear Penniless Historian,
I'm not exactly sure about American Heritage specifically, but I know for other classes you contact the professor if you're interested in being a TA. In this case, I would contact the American Heritage office: 422-6076.
Having never been an American Heritage TA, I can't tell you if it's a good job. I think it would have its ups and downs. It seems like it would take a lot of time, but it would be rewarding with the service projects and students.
Good luck getting your dream job.

A: Dear Penniless,

If I remember right, you had to ace American Heritage yourself, and you had to have taken Poli Sci 110. Our TAs had fun, but I think that was just because they were married to each other....