"I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells." - Dr. Seuss
Question #444 posted on 09/16/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Just got another spam from [insert name here] who thinks my web profile is interesting and wants to "exchange pictures or whatever." What is the motivation behind this spam? Are they just looking for people dumb enough to respond so they'll know if there's a good chance for response in the future? Or maybe they're planning on publicly humiliating me once they get their hands on my picture (maybe they'll add lots of grotesque zits to my face)?
- D.

A: Dear D.
Well, that depends. If you have a web profile (for example, the ones provided through MSN Messenger) that you've set up, then maybe someone has seen your profile, thinks you're a hottie, and wants visual verification. However, if you don't recollect having set one up, then it is either spam, trying to verify a live email address, or (this is more likely) it's a pornographic website trying to drum up some business. Delete it.
- Rufus