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Question #4447 posted on 03/24/2004 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,

- What is the wettest town in the United States, I mean what is the town with the greatest amout of rainfall per year?

~missing moisture

A: Dear Missing moisture,

The wettest place in the US is Hawaii, I am sure some little town there gets about 300 in. a year of precipitation. In the mainland here is a list of the top ten cities/locations:

1. Quinalt, WA 137.21
2. Aberdeen 20, WA 132.64
3. Valsetz, OR 130.57
4. Tillamook, OR 126.50
5. Spruce, WA 125.31
6. Laurel Mtn, OR 124.20
7. Nehalem, OR 122.25
8. Port Orford 5 E, OR 120.90
9. S Olympic, WA 120.78
10. Forks, WA 119.08

The captain