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Question #44889 posted on 05/05/2008 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Disclaimer: This is NOT a complaint!!!

When you guys go over hours on questions (and I'm not talking about big, research questions), what is the reason most of the time?

- Timmy the Tooth (if you can name the movie that had me as a preview, you get 10 awesome points)

A: Dear Timmy ~

For me, it's either that there's something specific that I want to include that I haven't been able to find, or simply that I have a life and don't get around to answering questions until late at night, and sometimes answers require consciousness in order to be good at all. It's really easy to justify "just one more day." Problem is, once it's over-hours, it's easy to justify, "well, it's already over hours. What will one more day hurt?"

Another reason is that there are a lot of questions in the inbox. Imagine taking four days worth of posts and putting them in one spot. That is approximately the size of our inbox. So it takes a long time to go through and read all of them and answer them. Sometimes there will be questions that one person is overly qualified to answer, and everyone else sees it and is clueless, but it takes 3 days before the qualified person sees it, and suddenly it's almost at hours, or even over hours.

I think the biggest reason, however, is that a question requires some research (but can't be answered off the top of someone's head or after 30 seconds of looking on Google or Wikipedia), and anyone could answer it, so everyone assumes someone else will do it. Thus, it just sits there, waiting for "someone else" to answer it. Finally it turns red (meaning it's over hours) and The Cleaning Lady or Team HAT see it and answer it in about 5 minutes and push it through.

~ Dragon Lady
A: Dear Ginger,

All of DL's reasons plus one: sometimes life just happens, and when you least expect it to, a bunch of things pop up that sort of take higher priority than anything that has to do with a computer. Shocking, I know.