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Question #45 posted on 09/08/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
How early am I going to need to show up to the Marriott Center on Tuesday to insure myself a seat for the devotional? Last time President Hinckley was here, they wouldn't let me in. :-[ If you could provide an optimal answer (one that would require the least amount of skipping class/waiting on the hard seats), that'd be swell. Maybe 10:37, for example.
- Devotional Fan for a Few Years Now

A: Dear Devotional Fan,
If you have class at 10, you'll automatically be let out at 10:30 to head towards the Marriott Center at free will. If you don't have a class at 10, probably any time you want to show up would be fine. But when they open the doors to let you in is a different story. At least you'll be first in line. (Well, first in line at one of the doors, anyway.)
- Scout