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Question #4541 posted on 03/27/2004 12:02 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

The "Coed Lawn-Wrestling" season is in full gear, and there can be seen on every corner of campus couples practicing this sport. Is there any way to rid campus of this plague? If not, how do I join a team?

- single

A: Dear single,

You may want to invest in a Super Soaker.

--Der Berliner
A: Dear Single,

You can be on a different Coed Lawn-Wrestling team every day! Just put an index card on the board just down the hallway from the 100 Hour Board, saying that you would like to participate in some NCMO sessions. Don't forget to write down your address! Then watch the A&F-wearing, fake-n-baking, hair-dying, belly-baring freshmen flock to your door.