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Question #4585 posted on 03/29/2004 12:03 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
What is the frequency of the use of bathroom stalls when there are three, four, and five stalls to choose from? For example, is the first one used most frequently, or is the last?

A: Dear Germophobic,

The handicapped stall is always the most used stall, significantly so.

A: Dear germophobe,

After the handicap stall, I believe the most used stall is the second one in line. It is always occupied and always has the most newspapers in it.

The captain
A: Dear germophobic,

I think I read a study somewhere that the first and last stalls are the least-frequently-used. But once everyone reads this on the Board, they will probably become the most-frequently-used. Try the middle one.

A: Dear germophobic,

Best stall on earth is the handicapped stall. After that, I just go down the row looking for the first empty, CLEAN stall. No toilet paper tornado or pee-spattered seats. ICK. Maybe I'll just hold it until I get home.

~Midwest girl