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Question #459 posted on 09/15/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
There's a hall R, V, W, S, U, and a few more in DT, but why are there not halls A, B, C, and so on? It seems as if the first letters would be used first. Maybe it was just so people could have the fun of saying they live in the U-hall. - Confused and Amused

A: Dear Confused and Amused,
The first letters of the alphabet were used. They are assigned to the various buildings in Helaman Halls. Many people aren't aware of it, but Helaman Halls dorms have letters, and DT dorms do have names (other than the letters). Through some strange quirk of fate, DT Halls have come to be called by their letters, and Helaman Halls by the names.
- Former 3100 H Hall Resident, married to a former F Hall resident