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Question #4604 posted on 03/29/2004 12:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

There is a Belle and Sebastian song/album called "The Boy with the Arab Strap". Additionally, there is a Scottish band called "Arab Strap". What is an Arab strap?

- strapping lad

A: Dear strapping lad,
I looked at the Arab Strap website, and even the band members don't know what it means. A little further googling led me to believe it's some kind of sex toy, after which I stopped trying to find out.

A: Dear Strapping,

Yeah, it's a sex thing. I found out looking for the Scottish band's name last year. Arab Strap got their band name from the Belle and Sebastian song, as a "mark of respect" for Belle and Sebastian. According to the Belle and Sebastian Web site, an Arab strap is "a device used to help reluctant horses to mate," but it's also a "sex toy" for people. I refuse to go into further detail.