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Question #4618 posted on 03/27/2004 12:03 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

A comment on a recently submitted question about gray hair. Experiments with lab rats have shown that when the rats were deprived of B vitamins their coats turned white in a short period of time, and when they were given the B vitamins again their coats returned to their normal color. In separate experiments, people (and rats too) have been found to have depleted levels of B vitamins in their bodies when under stress. Consequences of depleted levels of B vitamins in the human body are, among other things, gray strands of hair. So, it would appear that stress is indeed an indirect factor in graying early, although one would think it's reversible (while still young) if you a) take B vitamin supplements or b) reduce your stress levels.

- I'm up way too late