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Question #4638 posted on 03/31/2004 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
I am fairly certain that John Peter Lewis is LDS. Yea or nay?
- not a mormon myth follower, but there are just alot of coincedences

A: Dear Not a Mormon Myth Follower,

He is. Type ""John Peter Lewis" Mormon" into Google and you'll find plenty of sites that talk about his Mormon-hood, including one that talks about the "Mormon Vote Theory" (http://www.janlynn.us/archives/2004/03/17the_ai_mormon_vote_theory.php).

A: Dear mormon myth follower:

If you watch his tryout video, the shirts -- both of them -- give away that not only is he LDS, but an RM at that.

-- The Keeper of Revered Mahogany