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Question #4650 posted on 03/30/2004 12:01 a.m.

Dear Gamer Girl,
The other day you asked about what nintendo games let you attack with a yoyo other than Goonies. The answer to that is Star Tropics.
Also, the best computer game is Shadows of Darkness. There are several reasons for choosing this one over Trial by Fire. It is more realistic (you don't instantly die when you run out of stamina), has a better combat system, is funnier, doesn't require you to do much typing, and doesn't require you to wander around in a crazily huge city with basically nothing in it before you can buy anything. The only downside is all of the bugs. I never beat it as a wizard because it never let me summon the staff at the end, and the game almost never let me walk away with the bone ritual.
- Black Falcon