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Question #46544 posted on 08/01/2008 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

In a game of Windows Solitaire, with the window maximized, when the cards jump after you win, what is the likelihood that the cards' ghost trails will cover the entire available screen? It's only happened to me once or twice.

- Chinatown

A: Chinatown,

I was fairly sure that this wasn't something that was going to be found floating around the interwebernet:
"U hear bout {insert inane actor/actress/political figure}?" "d00d, dat wuz l33t!!1!" "u no Solitaire has a 1.61803% chance ov covering ur m4ximiz3d scr33n?" "lulz!1one!!"
Yeah; not likely.

So I settled for doing this the hard way, with many thanks to Yellow and Laser Jock for helping me with my limited (read: nonexistent) programming skills. It took a bit to get the script to handle the 'Deal Again?' prompt, but I got it working and after 100 iterations I came to the conclusion that it is impossible at 1024x768 resolution. Not only was the screen never covered, it never even got close. I then dropped my resolution to 800x600 and ran 400 more iterations. Still nothing. But on that resolution I did have a couple games get close, so I would be willing to believe that it is possible, although the odds would be well under 1%.

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