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Dear 100 Hour Board,

I noticed that the recent Daily Universe article on "South Park" featured a brief interview with the creators of the show. Unfortunately, the article failed to address the rampant Mormon myth that these guys are excommunicated members of the Church. Is this a rumor or fact? (And which valid source tells you so?)

- Always wanted to know

A: Dear Always,

As far as I know, NO. Trey used to date a member, and Matt was best friends with one. They grew up around LDS folk, but they weren't LDS themselves. (They even made that episode where only Mormons go to heaven, because we're the one true religion. Funny stuff--kinda like the religion heroes episode with Joseph Smith's freezing breath.) I had heard this before any of the NewsNet articles came out. Matt Stone was quoted in the NewsNet article. I found this same information in another interview on southparkcows.com (which turned out to be an article from Playboy, but I didn't know that until I read the tagline). The same information was at tvtome.com. I could go on with more sources for a while. That information is pretty common public knowledge.

~freezer breath