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Question #4666 posted on 04/02/2004 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Today when we pray, we take off our hats, beanies, whatnots, but when I went to see "Savior of the World" at the Conference Center the actors/actresses would put a shawl over their heads before they prayed. Why was it that back then something went over the head where as now it is taken off? Are the writers of the play incorrect in scripting that in?
- Vann

A: Dear Vann,

It is a very semetic custom to cover one's head when entering a holy place. When I went to King David's Tomb and the Great Synagog I was asked to put on a hat or a shawl so my head would be covered. In western tradition it does show disrespect to cover one's head, but this is the opposite in the middle east. Respect is shown by covering one's head, hence the head coverings when the individuals in the movie prayed.

The captain