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Question #4671 posted on 04/02/2004 12:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

So, I know, especially at BYU, traditional rules of dating say that the girl should always wait for the boy to kiss her first. I, however, laid a big one on a guy and we both seemed to enjoy it quite fine, and I don't feel like a hoochie. (Perhaps I should and the guilt complex hasn't set in.) Appropriate time of courtship had passed, and he was definitely giving the signs--besides I've always wanted to be the first one to kiss a guy (and let's face it, it was aweseome). Any thoughts on the matter?

~The not-so-very-repressed Jungle Blossom

A: Dear JB,

Good for you!

- A guy who still belongs to the VLC, mainly because he's chicken
A: Dear JB:

That was a very judicious and appropriate use of grrrl power. You rock.

-- Misaneroth