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Question #46869 posted on 08/13/2008 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Since the Olympics have now started, and knowing that some sports will receive minimal TV coverage, I was was wondering if NBC or another company will put up video clips on their website of all the sports so they can be viewed by all without having to worry about catching a glimpse of a sport that you would like to watch while other more televised sports are given more tv time. If they are putting up clips of competions, can you provide a link please?

- The Nanti-SARRMM

A: You can watch basically everything live here.

--Gray Ghost
A: Dear Nanti

NBC considered licensing the Beatles's "Eight Days a Week"to advertise their coverage of the Olympics because they would be airing more than eight days worth of footage (416 hrs) every seven day period (364 hrs). The Olympics are on NBC, CNBC, USA, and MSNBC so if you want to watch it, it will be on television, or streamed on the site Gray Ghost linked above.

-Humble Master