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Question #47 posted on 09/08/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
How does sunscreen work? It seems funny that you can rub it on your face and you become resistant to sunburns. What is it that makes it work?
- Crispy

A: Dear Crispy,
Let me explain to you what a pig already knows. Pigs sunburn easily, so they wallow in the mud and it protects their sensitive skin. Elephants and various other animals do the same. People just make their own stuff that isn't as nasty as mud, and smear it on their exposed skin. It looks clear, but it's covering your skin, and it absorbs the UV rays instead of your skin. It isn't entirely opaque, because you can't see it, so it doesn't absorb all of rays, so they tell you how much it absorbs on the bottle, measured by your own skin's protective abilities. (SPF= solar protection factor, or something to that effect) So congratulations to us humans, we figured out what animals have always known.
- Benvolio