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Question #4714 posted on 04/03/2004 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I was going to ask a question about the fundamental difference between Stedman Triples, Grandsire Triples, and Kent Treble Bob, but I decided that it would be more fun to look it up myself.

So, here's another question for you: Just above the waterline in the toilet in my apartment there is a line of something pink. I think it's some sort of bacterial colony. I can scrub most, but not all, of it away with the regular toilet cleaning brush and Comet, but it comes back. What can I use to completely get rid of this rather disgusting stuff?

--Kitty the Badger

A: Dear Kitty,

It's probably hard water deposits. To completely get rid of it, get a water softener, and then use something acidic to dissolve the mineral buildup.

- Bob the TomatoFish
A: Dear Kitty Kitty Kitty,

Whatever you do, don't use ammonia and bleach. Trust us.

-the pirates (who don't do anything)