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Question #47451 posted on 09/18/2008 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I keep hearing about the blog and I just don't know why a.) so many people know about it and b.) why do so many people think it is so cool?

- that girl

A: Dear That Girl,

Like all things awesome and viral on the internet, the link first got spread by word of mouth, i.e., email. After just a few weeks, the Utah media picked up on it, which is key to its current success. (It got coverage from KSL, Deseret News, and The Salt Lake Tribune for starters.)

I once had a professor who would tell us that church doctrine should be held to the highest level of respect, but that Mormon culture deserved to be mocked as frequently as possible. The popularity of the blog is best summed up by a young Liz Lemon: "It's funny 'cause it's true!" The writer is so spot-on with her portrayal of the LDS newlywed and mommy-to-be blogs that if you've spent any time on the internet, you can see where she's getting her inspiration. Think about how many girls you know that typify TAMN to even the slightest degree. The number is astronomical, right?

It's not mean or ill-intentioned, either. The tone is very lighthearted and all in good fun. The usage of terms like "frills" and "Lake Pal" pokes fun at the Utah accent and not just Mormons. The humor of the posts has remained consistent over the past few months and I believe it will remain that way. Trust me, there's still plenty of material to draw from.

The greatest strength of the blog, in my opinion, is that the author has adapted her presentation to fit the growing audience. With the giveaways, store, and advertising, there is no way she's not bringing in a decent amount of cash to pay for all of those pedis. You really do have to admire someone who can skewer Twilight, materialism, and scrapbooking while being, like, so totally cute at the same time.

-Buttercup and TAMN BFF 4eva!!
A: Dear TAMN?

Buttercup's answer was totally sufficient, so I simply add my own two cents because I think "Seriously, so Blessed" is, seriously, SO brilliant. If you are not familiar with the the blog, I would suggest that you start by reading this post. (There are a lot of good "first" posts to read, this is just one of my favorites to give you an idea of what's going on.)

My favorite type of humor is satirical in nature (other things that I heart: Mark Twain! The Onion (careful, sometimes a bit raunchy)! Stephen Colbert's Colbert Report! The movies This Is Spinal Tap and Best in Show! The list goes on. Just not here.). Thinking about hilariously clever writing makes my brain leak endorphins like thinking about lemons makes your mouth water.

The satire and comedy of "Seriously, so Blessed" is that it so accurately pokes fun of not individuals, but of an entire group/attitude of people. The writer's name, TAMN, means Tiffany/Amber/Megan/Nicole. She is a composite of the shallow-but-think-they're-deep, harmless-but-happy, bleached blond Mormon princess that so many, many people who are familiar with Mormon culture (and specifically Utah-Mormon culture) can recognize instantly (there were at least six in my home ward growing up. They are so identical to each other it is hard to remember the exact number.). A few choice examples of the excruciatingly funny and accurate attitudes of TAMN:

- The Utah accent (and the constant misspellings)!, (Lake Powell = "pal," four wheeling= "four-willing," grateful= "greatful" etc.)

- The shallowness! (oh, so much shallowness) ("[In MIA Maids], we pasted pictures of ourselves over the ug chick's in the Strength of Youth pamphlet . . . who wants a frump staring at you when your trying to feel uplifted?")

- Assumptions about other people! ("My sweet darling old maid friend Yvette is down in the dumps because honestly, she has the saddest slash most boring life ever. She hasn't TOLD me that but I can sirmise it from her condition of singleness . . . )

- Clueless selfishness and trivializing of eternally important things! (Reminiscing about her wedding day "So, blahblahblah, ceremony, blahblahblah, time for PITCHERS! I came out for pics and there was TONS of brides out there, which not to be rude but I was TICKED cuz I’d reserved all the rooms under fake names so we could be the ONLY ones, but some brats snuck through, which was a huge trial for me so I prayed for patience.")

Why is it popular? Because it is 1) accurate and 2) hilarious. I cannot recommend this website enough. I can only aspire to be as clever and awesome as this author is. For rills, you guys.

- Rating Pending (whose other favorite quote is, "I need to focus on my Powell happiness. SUMMER and SUNSHINE and TANS and JJWT!! And my cute new swimsuit! It's a bikini, but a totally modest one, because I know who I am and how important that is!")