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Question #47668 posted on 10/02/2008 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I was wondering: If a member of the Church entered the Witness Protection Program would they have to be re-baptized, go through any and all temple ceremonies, ordinances, etc. I ask because if your "former you" disappears then there would be no way for a new ward to verify if you had in fact been baptized/endowed/sealed. How would such a situation work? Just curious.

- hero120499

A: Dear Ethel,

I e-mailed the good people in the Church Membership department and was told:

Members who go into the witness protection program or feel as if their life is in danger and fear the address and phone number information found on their record may be somehow obtained by those who are threatening them, can be put into a protective status at headquarters. For more details, they should contact their Bishop who then could request the member be placed in this protective status. This step is essential, the member must talk to the Bishop who then can make the request. Requests made directly to church headquarters will be referred back to the Bishop.

-Polly Esther