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Question #4837 posted on 04/08/2004 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
To comment on the politically correctness question, I do think it can go too far sometimes. I'd recomend a few books like "The Giver" or "Frahrenheit 451". They show the extreme end of where this sort of thing could all lead. Anyway, a question to anybody who has read "The Giver", do you think Jonas lived or died at the end?

- The Receiver

A: Dear The Receiver,

Great book. I think he lived.

A: Dear Receiver,

If you read Gathering Blue by the same author you will note in the end that a "blue eyed boy" comes from a far off land. The Giver and Gathering Blue are supposed to be the first two books in a trilogy written about a future black utopian society. In interviews Lowry has hinted that this blue eyed boy is Jonas.

The captain