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Question #49082 posted on 12/09/2008 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Recently I viewed an hilarious advertisement showing a man put in the doghouse by his wife for having given his wife a vacuum cleaner as an anniversary present. While the video is funny, and the purpose is to sell jewelry - so we can’t take it too sincerely - I know there is usually some truth in most humor. Do you believe a wife is entitled to be angry at her husband for giving her a present like that? I'm asking for an analysis of the righteousness of her actions. Is she right or wrong here, and why? Does it matter that it was a nice present given with good intentions?

Here is a link to the video.



A: Dear Doggy,

Ha. I'm not sure this is really a matter of "righteousness." It's a matter of emotions, but if you really want to put it in terms of righteousness, then no, it's not very Christlike to make a man sleep in a doghouse.

There are a few possible lines of thought here. The wife is likely thinking, "Birthdays are for splurging and making one feel special. My husband has just shown me that I only matter to him in terms of housework. This is a selfish gift that brings to surface the rage of generations of repressed housewives." The husband is either thinking, "My wife spends a lot of time cleaning. I will make her life easier by giving her a better tool for the job," or "I can't think of anything she wants for her birthday. She likes cleaning, right?" Or a combination of the two. Either way, it doesn't really take into account what the wife wants.

Whether the wife's thinking is correct or not, she's hurt. So while it might be the better choice to try to understand and/or forgive her husband, she's just sad and angry and doesn't know how to respond. Please don't make us analyze the "righteousness" of that.

The moral of the story is this: Don't give your wife an instrument of housework for a special gift unless she specifically asks for it.

Good luck,
Waldorf and Sauron