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Question #49806 posted on 01/20/2009 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

At what point in a relationship is it appropriate for the girl to offer to pay?

-New at this

A: Dear New at this,

Whenever she wants!

- The Black Sheep
A: Dear New,

I agree with Black Sheep almost completely, but I think I should add that if a guy has asked you on a first date, you should let him pay (and feel no remorse). After that, go for it.


The Man with a Mustache
A: Dear New at this,

I completely agree with all that has been said already, but from my personal experiences, I think it is also important to be very aware of your date's feelings and the formality of the night. I've gone on group dates before that lasted hours and involved several different activities. Even though it was my first time on a date with that particular guy, I felt inclined to pitch in simply because we were going to so many places, and having so much fun. Some guys you may date will be very formal and might even get offended if you try to offer and pay the second or third date. Just go with your instincts. Everyone's different. Lastly, if it's your first date and the guy expects YOU to pay for all of it, that's a good sign you may want to reconsider your next date with him. And yes, that has happened to me before.

-Sky Bones
A: Dear,

If you ask, you pay. If you're dating, and it's more like "hey, let's go out to eat tonight!" instead of "would you like to go on a date with me tonight? We could grab dinner," then offer whenever you feel like it. I tend to do about half, if I'm allowed, once I'm actually dating someone.

-songs of inexperience