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Question #5023 posted on 04/15/2004 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
How much money would it take to fill up all of Jay Leno's cars, assuming that each one was completely empty? Regular? Medium? Premium? Please consider also how much gas is where he lives. Do not worry about getting the cars to the gas station, assume they are already there or that the gas is being brought to them.
- hangelah

A: Dear Hangelah,
About $1,000. Remember he also owns a motorcycle with a helicopter turbine engine.

A: Dear Hangelah,

Hhahahaha! At first I thought you were asking how many individual bills it would take to fill the interiors of all of Jay Leno's cars. I was thinking, "Dummy... it would depend on how much each bill was worth".



- Beemer Boy