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Question #5105 posted on 04/22/2004 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
I would like to teach English abroad this summer. I would prefer to get paid for the work I do. What are some programs I could get into that would help me on my way?
- annoyed with google

A: Dear Google can solve your problem-

Search for ""teach english abroad" "paid"". I got several good hits. Not all of them are exactly right, but several are. I also found it is very helpful to have a working knowledge of another language. For example, the programs I found for France and Germany both require knowledge of their language. However, there are some that are paid that have fewer requirements.

-The Franchise
A: Dear Annoyed,

If you are around BYU, just wander through the JKHB. They usually have flyers up for several different English-teaching programs, at least one of wihich they pay you for (so you get to see the world, experience culture, help people, and somehow get paid for it).