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Stop the presses! Mr. Mission Misser, I have an answer for you! For those newcomers, question 51277 asked what brand of tie President Neider wears, andI got an answer from President Neider himself! He said, and I quote:

Dr. Smeed,

My wife chose the lovely tie I wore at the Saturday Morning of General Conference. She bought it at Nordstrom and the brand is CANALI.

She suggested I wear the tie and when I said it may be to brash, we invited 3 of my daughters to help make up my mind. They convinced me it was the right tie to wear with my black suit.

I have had several comments from Mothers and wives who said they enjoyed the tie, no negative comments, but not one voluntary comment from a man.

One friend ask about my polka dot tie. It is actually designed with red and white embedded squares. My wife just taught me how to spell "polka dot."

I hope someone will ask the question, "How can I get a calling in the Aaronic Priesthood quorums of the Church or with the youth? I cannot wait!"

Thanks for the question,

Mike Neider

Close quote.

How rad!

Dr. Smeed