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Question #5226 posted on 04/24/2004 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What was the song performed by the BYU Singers at the devotional by Elder Maxwell on March 16, 2004? It was one of the most unusual, yet beautiful pieces that I've heard in a long time.

- Quandary

A: Dear Quandary,

Sorry this is a little over 100 Hours (finals slowed things down just a litte). According to Ronald Staheli, the three songs that the Singers have performed at devotionals this semester are:

'Tis Winter Now, by Paul Halley, on a text by Samuel Longfellow
Ah, How Fleeting; Ah, How Futile, by Merrill Bradshaw
His Eye Is on the Sparrow, arranged by Shane Warby

I think the particular song you're looking for is "Oh How Fleeting, Oh How Futile". As I remember it, it fits your description well as unusual, but beautiful. The BYU Singers generally have a very diverse repertoire, and they are probably my favorite performing group at BYU. I wish I could even come close to singing like that...