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Dear 100 Hour Board,

I have heard that BYU has some extended supply of food to feed everyone on campus in the event of an emergency (I've heard that it's up to a week). I've also heard rumors that most of this emergency supply is stored under LaVell Edwards Stadium. Is there any truth to any parts of this?

- Curious, but not hungry

A: Dear Curious,

BYU does have enough food for all the students for three days. This isn't a special stash; rather, it's all the food that BYU Dining Services has on hand at any given time. And no, it's not stored in tunnels or under the stadium or anywhere exotic like that. For more information, see Board Question #42713, Board Question #26517, and Board Question #11292. (Just a gentle suggestion: try searching the archives next time.)

—Laser Jock