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Question #5334 posted on 04/26/2004 12:02 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
One more q, is the temple cafeteria considered part of the temple...because there are things to buy there..even if they are at really low prices..
- Mr. Piddles

A: Dear Mr. Piddles,

From what I understand, the cafeteria is part of the temple, in that you do have to have a recommend to get to it, but any recommend works (youth one time recommends, one year baptistry only recommends, etc.).

The cafeteria is provided as a service to those who take time out of their evenings and most likely won't have time to prepare a meal at home due to their temple service.

If you are concerned about there being "money changers" in the temple, don't be. Read the account in the New Testament more carefully for a more complete understanding.

-Pa Grape