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Question #5365 posted on 04/29/2004 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I recently purchased a CD claiming to be Chinese Han music. How can they claim authenticity since there was no system of musical notation in China during the Han Dynasty?

Bad Boy 4 life

A: Dear Bad Boy-

As far as I can tell, the Han Dynasty was the most musically advanced nation of the period. This isn't a surprise, since they were so far ahead in nearly everything. (There is almost no way to understate the achievements of China throughout most of recorded history.) One of the Han rulers (Han Wudi) even created the Imperial Office of Music. They also generally used a five-tone scale durng this period. While I haven't found anything more specific about notation, it is implied in some of what I read. If any music from outside the West and 2000 years old is able to be accurately reproduced, Han is a good bet.

-The Franchise