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Question #53665 posted on 10/05/2009 3:01 a.m.

Dear The Sentry,

I understand that the library security guards make notes on the security videos of awesome things that happen during the day so that other security guards can go back and watch them for a good laugh.

A) Is this true?
B) If so, what are some of the more funny/awesome things you have seen?

- Lady Bug

A: Dear Lady Bug,

Yes, what you have overheard is true. We have an extensive system of security cameras that we observe diligently to keep the library safe. Ofttimes we catch shenanigans in the back of the library that people think we can't see; it is usually just a vigorous nose pick or butt scratch that people think they are safe from others observing. Fear not, we don't keep notes on stuff like that.

Some of the funnier things I personally have seen are:
-Synchronized tripping up the stairs. A group of people who didn't look like they were together tripped on the top step of the library atrium at the same time. It was surreal.
-The kid who rolled down the bushes just outside of periodicals. Kids, stay off of that hill, especially in the wintertime.
-Every kid who tries to slide down the handrail out of the atrium. This is a bad idea, especially if you have a backpack full of books, but it is fun to see the surprise on your face as you flip over the rail.
-Dance parties in Special Collections. Special Collections employees, you may not think anyone can see you, but we in security can see you boogie down!
Finally, my personal favorite:
-When one of our officers caught a kid stealing backpacks from the library a couple of years ago. The kid tried to run and when he got caught, tried to fight. Not a good idea when you are facing the number one cadet in the Air Force ROTC. The kid got manhandled; the more he tried to fight, the worse he got. That was so fun to watch.

Remember, citizens. Be good in the library. We are a highly-trained group of security guards.

+The Sentry+